Would you like to learn how to claim Bitcoin Gold on Linux? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to install a Bitcoin Gold node and claim Bitcoin Gold using a computer running Ubuntu Linux.

Before we start, you need to have the following information:

  • Your Bitcoin Private Key.
  • A Bitcoin Gold address.

Using only the command line and the official Bitcoin Gold node client, you are going to suck the Bitcoin Gold coins from your Bitcoin private key and send it to a new Bitcoin Gold public address.

Use this tutorial at your own risk.

Hardware List:

The following section presents the list of equipment used to create this Bitcoin Gold tutorial.

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Tutorial - Bitcoin Gold Node Installation

First, you need to install a Bitcoin Gold node.

On the Linux console, use the following commands to install the required packages:

# apt-get update
# apt-get install curl git build-essential libtool autotools-dev
# apt-get install automake pkg-config bsdmainutils python3
# apt-get install libx11-xcb-dev libfontconfig-dev

Create a directory to the node software and download the BTCGPU package.

# mkdir /downloads
# cd /downloads
# git clone https://github.com/BTCGPU/BTCGPU.git

Compile and install the BTCGPU software.

# cd BTCGPU/depends/
# make
# cd ..
# ./autogen.sh.
# ./configure --prefix=/downloads/BTCGPU/depends/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/ --disable-shared --with-gui=no
# make
# cd src
# install -sv bgoldd bgold-cli bgold-cli /usr/local/bin/

Create a Bitcoin Gold configuration file and choose a username and a password.

# mkdir $HOME/.bitcoingold
# vi $HOME/.bitcoingold/bitcoin.conf


In our example, we choose the username virtualcoin2018 and the password kamisama123.

You must change the username and the password.

Start the Bitcoin Gold node daemon using the following command:

# bgoldd -daemon

Wait for the synchronization of the blockchain to end.

The blockchain synchronization might take days or weeks.

Use the following command to verify the status of the blockchain synchronization:

# tail -f ~/.bitcoingold/debug.log

Tutorial - Claim Bitcoin Gold

If you followed this tutorial correctly, you should have a Bitcoin Gold node running.

Your node should also be synchronized with the blockchain.

From now on, we are going to use 2 terminal sessions to our Bitcoin Gold node.

On the first session, you will keep the node log open to see what is happening.

# tail -f ~/.bitcoingold/debug.log

On the second session, you are going to import the Bitcoin private key and claim Bitcoin Gold.

But, first, let's check your Bitcoin Gold balance before we begin.

# bgold-cli getbalance


As you can see, you have no Bitcoin Gold.

Now, let's import your Bitcoin private key inside the Bitcoin Gold node.

# bgold-cli importprivkey "AABBCCCDD" "TEST"

You need to replace AABBCCCDD for your Bitcoin private key.

I chose to identify my private key as TEST, you are free to change the name as you like.

The Bitcoin Gold node will start scanning the Blockchain again to see if you have some Bitcoin Gold.

My blockchain scanning process took 50 minutes.

The Bitcoin node log should present something like:

RescanFromTime: Rescanning last 511667 blocks
Still rescanning. At block 189842. Progress=0
Still rescanning. At block 401101. Progress=0.391345
AddToWallet 23bef77eee4e09bf06b98g3f7ba97b552974cbdb0955cc46 new
AddToWallet 9303f615d7bcc87basfcffc9g43104ae474978e771996f31a3 new

After scanning the blockchain, the Bitcoin Gold balance will be added to your account.

Now, let’s check your Bitcoin Gold balance.

# bgold-cli getbalance


You are now the proud owner of some Bitcoin Gold.

Let's send some Bitcoin Gold to another Bitcoin gold address using the command line.

# bgold-cli sendtoaddress "GGDDAAXXSSUUCCK" 0.001

You need to replace GGDDAAXXSSUUCCK for a public Bitcoin Gold address.

After moving all your Bitcoin Gold to another address, I formatted the computer where the Bitcoin Gold node was installed.

Better safe than sorry.  :-)