Would you like to learn how to do install packages on a MikroTik router? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to install NPK packages on Mikrotik RouterOS.

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Tutorial - MikroTik Package Installation

First, you need to download the required package.

Access the Mikrotik website and download the required packge.

mikrotik package download

In our example, we downloaded the Mikrotik extra packages file named: all_packages-x86-6.45.7.zip

Extract all the files from the ZIP file.

You need to send the NPK package desired to the Mikrotik router.

First, access the console of your MikroTik router and verify if the FTP service is running.

Use the following command to list the services running on the Mikrotik server..

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Here is the command output:

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In our example, the FTP servise is up and running.

Download the WINSCP software and connect to your server using an administrative account.

mikrotik install npk package

In our example, we sent the package security-6.45.7 to the root of the Mikrotik router.

mikrotik package install

Reboot the Mikrotik router to install the NPK package automatically.

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List the Mikrotik NPK packages installed.

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Here is the command output:

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You have finished the Mikrotik package installation.