This video will teach you all the necessary steps to include the use of the Natural Gas Vehicle in the documentation of your car. My goal was simple, I had a car of the year of 2012 stopped in which I would like to install the Natural Gas so that this vehicle could work in the Uber.

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Tutorial - How to Add Natural Gas in the Car Documentation

First, locate a franchised store that offers the CNG facility near you and hire the service.

After 2 days, the store will return your car with the NGV installing and all documentation regarding the service performed.

Put all incoming documentation inside a folder.

Upon receiving the documentation, you will have 10 days to effect the homologation of the installation of the CNV in Inmetro.

Second, request that the store responsible for the installation of the GNV schedules its inspection at Inmetro and be sure to bring the folder containing the documentation received.

At the end of the Inmetro survey, you will receive the approval reports and the Inmetro seal.

Save the documentation you have received in the folder and go home.

Third, Pay a DUDA with the code 0027 that is responsible for changing the data or characteristics of the vehicle.

Access the website of the bank responsible for issuing DUDA, enter your CPF, select code 0027 and issue the ticket.

Fourth, when paying the DUDA, call the Detran of your state and schedule the service to change the vehicular characteristics.

On the day of service, bring the following documentation:

  1. All documentation received by the company that installed the CNG.
  2. All documentation received from Inmetro.
  3. The DOUBLE ticket and your payment confirmation.
  4. Original and copy of the IPVA and the vehicle purchase and sale note (CRLV and CRV)
  5. Original and copy of your authorization (CNH) and proof of residence.

Your car will be inspected by the Detran staff.

At the end of the survey, you will receive a new vehicle document (CRLV).

You will also receive a new invoice for the purchase and sale of the vehicle (CRV) listing the CNG as fuel.