This tutorial will show you how to install GO on Windows.

Go is a programming language developed by Google’s team which offers a robust set of libraries and is becoming very popular. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to install GO on Windows.

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Tutorial - Install GO on Windows

First, you need to access the website and download the last version of the GO software.

In our example, we downloaded the software GO version 1.10.2.

golang download windows

Double-click the package to start the GO software installation.

golang windows

In our example, the Go software was installed under the C:\GO folder.

golang installation path

Press Next, Next and Finish to complete the installation.

In order to work properly, the Go software expect the system to have a set of environment variables.

Let’s verify if the installation package did create the required environment variables.

Open a DOS prompt and use the following command to verify the required environment variables.

# set | find "GO"


We also need to verify it the GO software commands were added to the PATH variable.

# echo %path%

owsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\Amazon\cfn-bootstrap\;C:\Go\bin;C:\Users\Administrator\go\bin

The PATH variable includes the directory C:\Go\bin which is the location of the GO language commands.

Close all open DOS prompt and open a new DOS prompt.

Use the following command to test your GO software installation.

# go version

go version go1.10.2 windows/amd64

In our example, the Go software version 1.10.2  was successfully installed on a Windows server.