Would you like to learn how to do a Bytecoin node installation? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to install a Bytecoin node using a computer running Ubuntu Linux.

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Tutorial - Bytecoin Node Installation

If your Linux does not have Swap memory configured, use the following commands to create a swap file:

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/linux.swap bs=1M count=32092
# chmod 0600 /mnt/linux.swap
# mkswap /mnt/linux.swap
# swapon /mnt/linux.swap

In our example, we create a 32GB swap file.

To enable the swap, edit the fstab file and add the following line.

# vi /etc/fstab

/mnt/linux.swap none swap sw 0 0

Reboot the computer to enable the swap.

# reboot

Use the following commands to install the BerkleyDB package and libboost-all-dev:

# add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
# apt-get update
# apt-get install libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev
# apt-get install libboost-all-dev

Download the Bytecoin installation package.

# mkdir /downloads
# cd /downloads
# wget https://bytecoin.org/storage/wallets/bytecoin_reference_client/bytecoin-2.1.2-linux.tar.gz

Extract and install the Bytecoin node software.

# tar -zxvf bytecoin-2.1.2-linux.tar.gz
# cd bytecoin-2.1.2-linux

Start the Bytecoin node using the following command:

# ./ launch bytecoind

Wait for the synchronization of the blockchain to end.

The blockchain synchronization might take days or weeks.

Use the following command to verify the status of the blockchain synchronization:

# tail -f bytecoind.log

FAQ - Bytecoin Node Installation

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