Would you like to learn how to perform a Grafana Zabbix integration using Grafana plugins? In this Grafana tutorial, we are going to show you how to install and configure Grafana Dashboards for Zabbix for the first time.

What is Grafana?

Grafana is an open-source platform for data monitoring, analysis, and visualization that comes with a web server that allows it to be accessed from anywhere.

On the Web interface, users are able to create Grafana dashboards with panels to represent metrics over time.

Grafana Tutorial:

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Grafana Tutorial - Grafana Zabbix Integration

We will assume that you have a functional Grafana and Zabbix installation running.

On the Grafana server console, use the following commands to list all Grafana plugins.

Use the following command to install the Grafana Zabbix plugin.

After finishing the Grafana plugin installation, restart the Grafana service.

# grafana-cli plugins list-remote
# grafana-cli plugins install alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app
# service grafana-server restart

On the Zabbix dashboard, access the Administration menu and select the Users option.

Zabbix Users Menu

Click on the Create user button.

Configure a new user account as member os the Zabbix Administrators group.

Grafana Zabbix User account

Access the Permissions tab and select the Zabbix super Admin option.

Grafana datasource user permission

On the Grafana dashboard, access the Grafana plugins menu.

Grafana Plugins Menu

Enable the Grafana Zabbix plugin.

Grafana Zabbix Plugin

On the Grafana dashboard, access the Grafana Data sources menu.

Grafana Datasources menu

Add a Zabbix Data source.

On the Zabbix data source configuration page, you need to perform the following configuration:

Enter the correct URL to the Zabbix api_jsonrpc.php file.

Grafana Zabbix API_JSONRPC

In our example, we entered the following URL:

Next, you need to select the Zabbix version that Grafana is connecting and enter the Zabbix login information.

Grafana Zabbix Datasource account

In our example, we enabled the Trends option.

In our example, we selected Zabbix version 4.

In our example, we entered the Zabbix account grafana and the password kamisama123.

Click on the Add button to finish the data source configuration and test the Zabbix connection.

Grafana Dashboard Example - Zabbix Dashboards

Now, we need to add theGrafana dashboard for Zabbix.

On the Zabbix data source configuration screen, access the Dashboards tab.

Import 3 Zabbix dashboards examples offered by the Zabbix plugin.

Grafana zabbix dashboard

To access the Zabbix dashboard, you need to access the Grafana Dashboards menu option.

Grafana Dashboard menu

On the top of the screen, search for Dashboards named Zabbix.

Grafana Zabbix Dashboards

Select the Zabbix Server Dashboard.

Here is an example of the Zabbix dashboard.

On the top of the screen, search for Dashboards named Zabbix.

Grafana Dashboard example Zabbix

Congratulations! You have integrated Zabbix to Grafana successfully.