Would you like to learn how to share your computer screen on the Microsoft Teams application? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to share your screen using Microsoft Teams on a computer running Windows.

• Windows 10
• Microsoft Teams

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Tutorial Microsoft Teams - Share your screen

Click on the Screen share button.

Microsoft teams - Screen sharing

Select the screen or window that you want to share.

Microsoft teams - Share the computer screen

Your computer screen will be shared and a red frame will display the sharing zone.

Hover over the top of the screen to display the Sharing toolbar.

Microsoft teams - Screen share toolbar

Click on the Give control option to allow a remote person to control your computer.

Teams Screen sharing - Give control

Optionally, enable the system sound.

Microsoft teams - Screen share system sound

Click on the Stop presenting button to finish the screen share.

Microsoft teams - Stop sharing the screen

Congratulations! You are able to share the computer screen using Microsoft Teams.