Would you like to learn how to enable the Active Directory recycle bin? In this tutorial, we will show you how to enable the recycle bin to recover Active Directory deleted objects.

• Windows 2012 R2
• Windows 2016
• Windows 2019

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Tutorial Windows - Enable the Active Directory Recycle Bin

On the domain controller, open the Active Directory administrative center.

Active Directory - Administrative Center

On the left part of the screen, select your domain name.

Active Directory - Recycle bin

On the right part of the screen, locate the tasks panel.

Select the option to enable the recycle bin.

Recycle bin - Active Directory

Confirm the installation of the recycle bin.

Active Directory - Enable the Recycle bin

A new directory named Deleted objects will be displayed.

Active Directory - Deleted Objects

Double click the directory named Deleted Objects.

Select a deleted object and click on the Restore option.

Deleted Objects - Active Directory

In our example, we enabled the Active Directory recycle bin.

In our example, we restored a deleted user account from the Active Directory.

Congratulations! You have finished the installation of the Active Directory recycle bin.