Would you like to learn how to disable the directory listing on the Nginx server? In this tutorial, we are going to configure the Nginx server to block the directory browsing feature.

• Ubuntu 18
• Ubuntu 19
• Ubuntu 20
• Nginx 1.18.0

Equipment list

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Tutorial Nginx - Disable directory listing

Install the Nginx server.

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Edit the Nginx configuration file for the default website.

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Add the following line to the configuration file.

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Here is the file, before our configuration.

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Here is the file, after our configuration.

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Restart the Nginx service.

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In our example, the directory listing feature was disabled on the Nginx server.

From a remote computer, open the browser and try to access a directory of the Nginx server.


The Nginx server will display an error message.

Nginx - Disable directory listing

Congratulations! You configured the Nginx server to disable the directory browsing feature.