Would you like to learn how to copy a screenshot to a USB drive on Playstation? In his tutorial, we are going to teach you how to copy a screenshot image to a USB stick on the PlayStation.

• Playstation 4

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Tutorial Playstation - Taking a screenshot

Press the hold the Share button to take a screenshot.

Playstation - Taking a screenshot

Optionally, press the Share button to access the menu.

Select the option to save a screenshot.

Playsation share - Taking a screenshot

The screenshots are saved on the PlayStation capture gallery.

Tutorial Playstation - Copy screenshot to a USB drive

Connect the USB storage device to the Playstation.

On the main screen, access the application library.

Playstation Library

Access the Applications menu.

Playstation - Applications

Select the Capture gallery option.

Playstation - Capture gallery

The Playstation capture gallery will be presented.

Playstation copy screenshot to USB drive

Press the Options button on the Playstation controller.

Dualshock - Options button

Select the option Copy to USB storage device.

Playstation - copy screenshot to USB storage device

Select the screenshots and click on the Copy button.

Playstation - Copying screenshot to usb device

Click on the OK button to start the copy.

PS4 - Screenshots to USB

Remove the USB device.

Connect the USB device to a computer.

Playstation - Copy Screenshots to Windows via USB storage

Verify the images on a computer running Windows.