Would you like to learn how to stream the Playstation screen to a computer running Windows? In this tutorial, we are going to show you all the steps required to access the Playstation screen on a remote computer running Windows.

• Playstation 4

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Tutorial Playstation 4 - Installing PS Remote Play on Windows

Download the software named PS Remote Play.

Playstation - Remote play on Windows

Start the PS Remote Play installation.

Remote Play installation on Windows

Click on the Next button.

PS - Remote Play on Windows

Click on the Install button.

Remote play install

Click on the Finish button.

Playstation 4 Stream to Windows

You have finished the installation of PS Remote Play on Windows.

Tutorial Playstation 4 - Remote play on Windows

Connect the Dualshock to the computer using a USB cable.

PS4 Install dualshock on windows

Start the PS Remote Play application.

PS Remote Play

Sign in to the PSN network.

PS Remote play - PSN Login

Click on the Confirm and Continue button.

PS Remote Play information

Access the application settings.


Configure the desired video resolution.

PS Remote Play - Resolution

Select the PS4 option.

PS4 Stream to Windows computer

Click on the button to link the Playstation.

Playstation 4 - Playing on Windows

On the Playstation, access the settings menu.

Playstation 4 - Settings

On the Settings menu, access the Account management option.

Playstation 4 - Account management

Select the option to activate as your primary PS4

Activate Playstation 4

On the Settings menu, access the option named Remote Play Connection Settings.

Playstation - Remote play connection settings

Enable the remote play option.

Plastation 4 - Enable Remote play

Select the option to add a device.

Playstation Remote play - Add device

Take note of the code displayed on the screen.

On the computer, enter the PlayStation code.

PS4 - Computer link to Playstation

The Playstation will automatically stream the screen to the computer.

Playstation 4 - Record screen on Windows

Use the Dualshock to remote access and play the Playstation on Windows.