Would you like to learn how to remotely play the Playstation on an Android tablet? In this tutorial, we are going to show you all the steps required to access the Playstation screen on the Android tablet.

• Playstation 4
• Galaxy Tab A

Equipment list

Here you can find the list of equipment used to create this tutorial.

This link will also show the software list used to create this tutorial.

PS Remote Play - Connect the Dualshock to the Android tablet

Press and hold the buttons Share and PS.

Playstation controller - Pairing

This will put the controller in pairing mode.

While in pairing mode, a white light will flash on the back of the Dualshock controller.

PS4 Dualshock Control pairing mode

Access the Android tablet settings.

Android tablet - Settings

Access the Connections menu and select the Bluetooth option.

Android tablet - Bluetooth menu

Scan for a new devices and select the Wireless controller option.

Playstation Dualchock android tablet

The Playstation controller is connected to the Android tablet.

Tutorial Playstation - Remote play on Android tablet

Install the application named PS Remote Play.

Android tablet - PS Remote play installation

Start the PS Remote Play application and sign in to the PSN network.

Android - PS Remote Play login

Click on the Confirm and Continue button.

Android - PS Remote play information

Select the PS4 option.

Android phone - PS Remote Play

Click on the button to link the Playstation.

Playstation 4 - Playing on Android

On the Playstation, access the settings menu.

Playstation 4 - Settings

On the Settings menu, access the Account management option.

Playstation 4 - Account management

Select the option to activate as your primary PS4

Activate Playstation 4

On the Settings menu, access the option named Remote Play Connection Settings.

Playstation - Remote play connection settings

Enable the remote play option.

Plastation 4 - Enable Remote play

Select the option to add a device.

Playstation Remote play - Add device

Take note of the code displayed on the screen.

On the Android tablet, enter the PlayStation code.

The Playstation will automatically stream the screen to the Android tablet.

Android - Remote play playstation

Use the Dualshock controller to play the Playstation on the Android tablet.