Would you like to learn how to change a local user password using Powershell? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to use Powershell to set the password of a local user account on a computer running Windows.

• Windows 2012 R2
• Windows 2016
• Windows 2019
• Windows 10

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Tutorial Powershell - Changing a local user password

As an Administrator, start an elevated Powershell command-line.

Windows 10 - powershell elevated

List the local user accounts.

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Here is the command output:

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Request the username and the new password.

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Enter the requested information.

Powershell - Local credential

Change the password of a local user account.

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Optionally, prompt for a username and a password using the command line.

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Change the password using a plain text password.

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In our example, we configured the password of a local account named GOHAN.

The following password was set to this user account: 123QWE@@.

Congratulations! You are able to change a local user password using Powershell.