Would you like to learn how to install Powershell 7 on Windows? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to install the Powershell version 7 on a computer running Windows.

• Windows 7
• Windows 10
• Windows 2012
• Windows 2016

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Tutorial Powershell 7 - Installation on Windows

We are going to teach you how to install the latest version of the Powershell project.

Access the Powershell project website available on Github.

Download the latest version available to your operational system.

In our example we downloaded the Powershell file named: PowerShell-7.0.0-win-x64.msi

Start the Powershell 7 installation.

powershell 7 install

On this screen, select the following options:

• Enable Powershell remoting.

• Add 'Open here' context menus to Explorer

Click on the Next button until the installation is finished.

powershell7 options

On the Start menu, search for an application named: PowerShell 7.

Verify the PowerShell version being used.

Copy to Clipboard

Here is the command output:

Copy to Clipboard

Congratulations! You have finished the installation of Powershell version 7.