Would you like to learn how to perform the HP Switch Intervlan routing configuration using the web interface instead of using the command-line? In this tutorial, we are going to show you all the steps required to configure the VLAN routing feature using an HP Switch 5500 using the web interface.

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Tutorial HP Switch - InterVlan Routing Configuration using the CLI

First, you need to create a voice VLAN.

A voice VLAN is a VLAN that will be used only for voice traffic.

Open a browser software, enter the IP address of your Switch and access the HP Switch web interface.

HP Switch Login

On the prompt screen, enter the administrative login information.

Factory default access information:
Username: admin
Password: (no password)

After a successful login, the administrative menu will be displayed.

Access the Network menu, and select the VLAN interface option.

HP Switch Vlan interface Menu

On the VLAN interface screen, select the Create tab on the top of the screen.

To create a new virtual interface, you will need to perform the following configuration:

Enter the first VLAN identification
Select  the Configure Primary IPv4 Address checkbox
Select the Manual option.
Enter the desired IP address
Enter the desired network mask
Click on the Apply button

HP Switch Vlan interface 100

In our example, the following virtual interface was created: Vlan-interface100.

The Vlan-interface100 interface is using the IP address

Every computer on the network should point to as the default gateway.

Create a second interface named Vlan-interface200.

The Vlan-interface200 is using the IP address

Every computer on the network should point to as the default gateway.

HP Switch Vlan interface 200

The Layer 3 switch will be responsible for routing the packets between and the networks.

If you need to create a default route, access the Network menu and select the IPV4 Routing option.

On the IPV4 routing screen, select the Create tab on the top of the screen.

Enter the network address
Enter the network mask
Enter the IP address of the network gateway

hp switch static route

Don't forget to save your configuration.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured the Inter VLAN routing feature.