Would you like to learn how to perform the HP Switch Radius authentication configuration using the command-line and the ActiveDirectory user database?  In this tutorial, we are going to show you all the steps required to authenticate the HP switch remote access using the Microsoft ActiveDirectory database and the Radius protocol.

Before starting the HP Switch configuration, you need to install the Microsoft NPS service on a computer that is a member of the Active Directory Domain.

All the steps required to perform the NPS Radius server installation and its integration with the active directory are presented on the video listed above.

After finishing the Radius server configuration you may continue to read this tutorial.

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Tutorial - HP Switch Radius Authentication

First, you need to access the console of your HP Switch.

In our example, we are going to use a Opensource software named Putty and a computer running Windows.

The Putty software is available on the putty.org website.

After finishing the download, run the software and wait for the following screen.

Putty windows

To access the console of an HP Switch model 5500, you will need to select the Serial Connection category and use the following options:

• Connection type: Serial
• Serial line: COM1
• Speed: 9600

If COM1 does not work you will need to try to use COM2, COM3, COM4 or the next.


On the prompt screen, enter the administrative login information.

Factory default access information:
• Username: admin
• Password: (No password)

After a successful login, the console command-line will be displayed.

Use the system-view command to enter the configuration mode.

# system-view

Create a radius authentication scheme called System

# radius scheme system
# server-type extended
# primary authentication
# security-policy-server
# key authentication simple kamisama123
# user-name-format without-domain

Create a new authentication domain.

# domain techexpert.tips
# authentication login radius-scheme system local
# authorization login radius-scheme system local

Set the new domain as the default authentication domain

# domain default enable techexpert.tips

Now, every user trying to remotely access the Hp Switch will be authenticated on the Radius server

In our example, is the IP address of the Microsoft NPS radius server.

The Radius server needs to have the HP switch configured as a client.

The video on the top of this page shows how to perform the Radius server installation and configuration.

The video on the top of this page shows how to add the HP Switch as a Radius client.

Don't forget to save your switch configuration.

# save

Congratulations! You have successfully configured the HP Switch Radius authentication.